7 Calhoun Event


Plan and produce a high-profile event symbolizing the launch of “The Revolution” in Charleston living by generating a regional buzz with a gala event. Make a splash in a unique and memorable way that integrates the location into the fabric of Charleston life.


At dusk, as the owner and Mayor’s speeches ended, Revolutionary War themed soldiers marched onto the stage and flanked the podium to inaugurate 7 Calhoun with a “7 musket salute.” Guests were ushered into the sales office for an evening designed to immerse potential residents in the 7 Calhoun way of life, followed by a cocktail reception in a beautifully appointed tent, where guests sipped on southern inspired cocktails and enjoyed the sultry sounds of a local jazz band with the backdrop of a fantastic water wall and subtly patterned lighting that echoed the inspired logo. The theme was implemented throughout the evening, and each aspect of the event, from the entertainment down to food demonstrated how 7 Calhoun truly redefines Southern hospitality.